Running a Node.js Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 1

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to setup a Raspberry Pi 1 to run a Node.js site in a Docker container. This guide will of course work for the RPi 2 as well.

To achieve this the following steps will be performed:

  1. Prepare the Raspberry Pi with a Docker enabled Linux distro
  2. Create a simple Hello World Node.js site
  3. Build the Node.js Docker image
  4. Run and verify the Node.js site

OK, let’s do this! (more…)


ASP.NET MVC + OWIN + external authentication made easy

In this post I will describe how to build an ASP.NET MVC web application that is using an external authentication, via Slack, with minimum effort.


First of all, start off by creating a Slack application on Note the Client ID and Client Secret. The redirect URI needs to be updated pointing to the correct URL for this application. This will most likely be something like this http://localhost:123456.

Let’s ge to work! (more…)

Node.js in Docker container made easy

OK, now what? Why write another “Hello World” Dockerized Node.js thingy? The easy explanation to that is that I have had no success when getting the other “Dockerized Node.js” stuff working so I decided to write my own. This post has no immediate connection to the cloud but I will setup the Docker container on a Ubuntu server virtual machine running in Windows Azure.

Let’s get started! (more…)

An easy way to make Biztalk 2010 integrate with Azure Service Bus

In the previous post here, Biztalk 2010 sending BrokeredMessage to Azure Service Bus, I showed how to use an orchestration in Biztalk 2010 to send a BrokeredMessage to the Azure Service Bus. This was a fairly complicated thing to do, mostly a fun thing to implement since it is not out-of-box supported by this very version of Biztalk. To be honest I would in 9 out of 10 cases use the following solution to perfom this task.

The case

I would like to put a message from a Biztalk receive port on an Azure Service Bus queue, with minimum effort. (more…)

Biztalk 2010 sending BrokeredMessage to Azure Service Bus

The other day I started looking into integrating a Biztalk 2010 application with the Azure Service Bus. As far as I know there is no adapter for this type of endpoint. Therefor I started looking into building an orchestration for this, just trying to prove that it is possible to do this.


To get your head around this you have to have some kind of knowledge about building an orchestration using, let’s say, Visual Studio 2010. To make Visual Studio 2010 understanding the Azure Service Bus things you have to install the Windows Azure SDK. I installed v 2.1, e.g. the most recent one present in the Web Platform Installer. (more…)